Barclays Africa Group Limited

Launch of Rise in Africa

Rise is a global community for open innovation designed to pioneer the future of financial services. It has been created by Barclays to plug startups, corporates and innovators into a global network in order to connect, co-create and scale the ‘next big thing’ in financial services – and it is now in Africa.


Our aim was to launch the concept of Rise, a global initiative to enable open innovation, with no physical infrastructure to base it upon. Rise had been launched globally in partnership with Barclays and a real need for an African hub was identified.

The local team had global strategy and approaches to rely on but those did not necessarily work in Africa, so we had streamline and structure the initiative quite carefully.

Prior to the launch, we launched and closed Tech Lab Africa and the Barclays Africa Supply Chain Challenge with outstanding results.

We also announced a third initiative, the Barclays Accelerator programme, at the same time as announcing Rise in Africa. With the opening of Twitter channel we launched the Pan-African initiative – Barclays Africa Supply Chain Challenge alongside the GES summit in Kenya. This was a difficult time to launch in Kenya, as Obama was set to land the day of our launch and event.


With curated content and social management, and the physical event in Kenya, we built a following within a few hours and created a space where we trended 2nd in
Kenya behind Obama. We increased our social following from 0 to 6 837 on the day of launch.

On Wednesday 21 October, 2015, Rise [in Africa] in partnership with Barclays Africa were awarded the ‘Collaborative Innovation Award’ at the MWOT SA Innovation Awards 2015