Working and Studying - A Good Choice if You Play It Right!

Unemployment in South Africa stands at an alarming rate of 25.2 %, with young people being the most affected.

So for young people such as myself who are lucky enough to not be a statistic, we have to work hard, giving it our all. That means making sure we are good at what we do and that we add great value. What happens then if you get bitten by the study bug and need to improve your education just to keep within the inner-circle?

Day-by-day we are constantly bombarded with messages about how we need to empower ourselves with education and remain competitive in our rapidly changing, and uncertain global economy.

I find myself having to juggle studying part time and working full time. I’m not complaining. Well not really, as this is a choice I made in order to ensure my growth in the industry that I have chosen – Public Relations.  I’m studying towards my Honours degree in International Relations and  boy, is it an uphill battle maintaining the self-discipline to accomplish my goal of extending my credentials and my career. What this has taught me is how important it is to do the following:

  • Pace yourself:  schedule time between leisure, career and family.
  • Ask for help: you are not the first to go back to school. Ask your colleagues or peers for advice, or simply to proof read your assignment a day or two before deadline.
  • Timeout:  explain to your friends and family members the choice that you have made regarding your studies so that they understand why you can’t make it to unplanned outings, surprise parties or a weekend away.

In essence, yes you will be doing it on your own but in the long run you need all the support you can get. Will I crack it? Well I am very optimistic, but time will surely tell.