We operate out of South Africa and serve many of Africa’s – and the world’s – leading companies, brands and organisations to unlock the potential of ideas designed to travel across today’s most influential channels.

Our Leadership

Executive Message

Today’s business and political environment is among the most dynamic in our lifetime. In one-way or another, each of us is participating in our global economy, along with the risks and rewards. As the world has become increasingly hyper-connected, our clients play on stages that grow larger every day.

FleishmanHillard in South Africa is committed to helping companies, brands and organizations navigate a world in flux. A world fueled by digital and social communications. That means creating ideas that carry messages across new and traditional channels, to reach the right audiences where and when they tune in. It means developing crisis response strategies that keep pace with news at the speed of now. It means helping to close the gap between what audiences expect from a brand and their actual experience.

We provide counsel grounded in reality, telling it like it is. We provide a worldview, from our truly connected global network of colleagues with deep understanding of cultures and social implications. We leverage research and analytics to reveal business-defining insights that will change outcomes. We push beyond the obvious to arrive at creative and fully-integrated magnetic ideas that move minds and change behaviors. And, we lead by example and operate at the highest level of integrity and ethical decision-making.