Empowering our tomorrow

FleishmanHillard is committed to transformation and empowerment, and will continue to pursue and enhance all facets of empowerment.

As of December 2023, we’ve maintained our status as a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor, and improving every day.

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The agency’s equity is owned by the Imvula Trust, which means that R3 out of every R10 of post-tax profit goes to educating young black South Africans who can’t afford a tertiary education. An additional 5 percent of our equity is held by a Black Staff Ownership Trust, and our company demographic is reflected in our country’s demographic.

It is important that the process of economic transformation is accelerated in order to bring the majority of black South Africans into the mainstream economy, not only by providing employment but also to provide meaningful economic participation and to share increasingly in the wealth creation resulting from economic activities.

We host Work Readiness Programmes with the final year students at the University of Johannesburg as well as the Maharishi Institute. The programme is aimed at this group of students specifically because they will be going for job interviews soon, and we wanted to ensure we give them the best of our expertise to give them a competitive edge in the interviewing process. We aim to continue this every year.

We also continue to award students with sponsorships to complete a five year degree at the Maharishi Institute in South Africa. The majority of the students have grown up in adverse living conditions and have had to overcome a number of social and economic factors as well as endure the inconsistent quality that the government education program offers in South Africa. In addition to covering the cost for their fees, we will grant each of the 40 students with a monthly stipend which they will be able to use to cover basic amenities and costs such as transport and food.

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