Empowering our tomorrow

When it comes to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), we’re flying. We’re way past the platitudes of being “committed to becoming fully representative of the modern South Africa.”

As of September 2016, we’re a Level 2 BBBEE contributor, and improving every day.

The agency’s equity is owned by the Imvula Trust, which means that R3 out of every R10 of post-tax profit goes to educating young black South Africans who can’t afford a tertiary education. An additional 5 percent of our equity is held by a Black Staff Ownership Trust, and our company demographic is reflected in our country’s demographic.

In November 2015, we awarded 20 students with bursaries to complete a three year degree at the Maharishi Institute in South Africa. The majority of the students have grown up in adverse living conditions and have had to overcome a number of social and economic factors as well as endure the inconsistent quality that the government education program offers in South Africa. In addition to covering the cost for their fees, we will grant each of the 20 students with a monthly stipend which they will be able to use to cover basic amenities and costs such as transport and food. This year, we will do the same again to ensure that the next group of students are offered the same opportunity.

Beneficiary Students and FH leaders at the Maharishi Institute

Kevin Welman, former MD of FleishmanHillard South Africa, with John Saunders, Global President and CEO, at The Maharishi Institute with beneficiary students.

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