Va va Voom - Wealth Management; Play to Win!

I believe we have cracked the code in telling the investment and risk story! Wealth management remains a complex topic. But with all the information at our fingertips, we still remain uninformed about the very thing that has a great effect on us-our money. Often it is not taken seriously until we retire and by then, it’s too late.

Our life journey needs careful planning and financial resources in order for us to survive. The decisions around planning your journey need to be made whilst you are young, ideally from your first pay cheque.

With this said, an exciting concept was devised by the FH Financial Services Team. The aim was to reach out to young readers who are after quick fixes and instant gratification, yet don’t grasp the importance of managing their finances.  The idea, which was built around managing wealth, came in the form of a go-kart race; The Liberty Race of Life. 

A group of young bloggers were invited to the Kyalami Race Track and were teamed up with Liberty staff members. Two people per team, 10 carts and the sound of screaming engines. Each team was given a unique life scenario and instruction card before proceeding with the laps of life – similar to the concept of a monopoly game or the amazing race. The Race of Life concept came alive!

The race was broken up into life stages i.e. school years, moving up, all the way through to retirement. Between laps, and before being presented with their next instruction card, each team had an opportunity to make various investment decisions i.e. invest in a life policy or critical illness benefit that would help them get ahead in the race. The go-karting race was used as an analogy to explain the journey of life. What an exciting way of telling the Liberty story– excluding all the financial jargon and deep product talk

Furthermore, boosters and curve balls were thrown at the teams, simulating life’s uncertainties. Winning drivers were awarded not on being the fastest drivers, but rather who finished in the best financial position.

Goal achieved – message received and great relationships were built… Vroom vroom!