Who Moved My Consumer?

So a client of ours asks me last week, “What do I think are the 3 biggest consumer trends right now?” Rattling off a few – I realised just how many trends there are and realised that I am not entirely convinced that there is in-fact a ‘top 3’.

To highlight a few; market segmentation or analysis  has moved away from only using LSM’s to include audience profiling using tools such as New Urban Tribes or similar.  Word of mouth has been injected with a double dose of steroids and we now implement methodologies such as Influencer Engagement initiatives using highly engaged consumers who are armed with new media, and social platforms to drive the conversation.  And although content is still king, it is not about the exclusive piece placed with a strategic media platform, but content that has the ability to spark a conversation with your audience.

So on more reflection, I would have responded differently if posed the question again. The biggest consumer trend right now is change.  With the impact of social media, technology and ease of access to information, consumer behaviour is constantly evolving and the brands that stay ahead of the game are the ones who continue to think like a consumer and not a big brand who feels the need to educate the consumer.

The one piece of research I have stumbled upon that could back up my statement of change being the biggest trend is around the Virgin consumer.  A consumer is faced with new products, experiences and information every year, month, week and even every day.

How you communicate moving forward is far beyond having the best product at the best price, but having the right product at the right time providing your customer an experience that is memorable and authentic to your brand personality. Give them something (good) to talk about.

The truth is, no one moved the consumer, they are just becoming a lot more informed and willing to try new things – and on top of that share their experience. Your opportunity is to join the conversation by committing to a sustainable and effective conversation strategy. Now.