Facebook Look Back Videos

By now I’m sure all of you have had some experience of the current Facebook fad – the Look Back video – maybe you have even made one for yourself, a 62 second flashback of your entire social adventure on Facebook.

The Look Back video is Facebook’s ten year birthday present to its community of almost one billion users across the globe.

The video itself is a quick look back at your history on Facebook through images and some quotes of your most popular posts. The nostalgia I felt looking back at memories past, revitalised my feelings about me and my vision. But then looking at the video again, and maybe a third time, I began to think “oh what low resolution” the video was, and eventually, I began to wonder how companies may be able to use this type of content on Facebook and further more could they and would they?

Interesting questions, firstly would Facebook let companies take the Facebook Look Back application to their pages, and if they do, what would the pull be, another era of advertising for Facebook pages to add to the clutter that is our Facebook wall? Or could the ideal corporate Look Back video become something more elegant, something like a milestone video?

After only a week live, the Look Back video application has already been updated to have the ability to be edited by the user, only a few more steps for the social media giant to turn the application into a Look Back promotional video.

So will this happen? Adding the Look Back video to Facebook’s huge content base and video’s as another brand communication tool, and slowly move further into YouTube territory? As they already may have done with the creation of the Instagram video (Facebook own Instagram for those of you who don’t know).

The best answer is; I don’t know, but what I do know is that Facebook is a company that has changed the face of social media forever, and the way businesses communicate and interact with their markets and fans, and even created a whole industry around social media advertising and income for businesses the world over.

Hopefully Facebook considers the customer, the business and the general user when adapting the application further, if they do, I’m sure Facebook Look Back videos maybe seamlessly adapted into the Facebook Media portfolio.

While they decide that, I’m going to decide on whether or not to edit my Facebook Look Back video to something more appropriate to my age and world view, no more new year’s pictures for me.

Written by Brett Magill