Be The Hero Your Client Deserves

Community Managers don’t always get the credit they deserve…just like Batman.

We sit behind our screens in our bat-cave cubicles waiting, watching, and responding to our client’s requirements. Then…signal in the sky. A good Batman takes on any task because every query, like any side mission, is important and for the greater good as well as building loyalty between client and their customers.

We work in the shadows, advising our client on how they should represent themselves online. We are trusted, because this is what we do best and we know the audience, we understand their needs and can predict their behavior. We craft our stories and answers with the best intent.

We are in the business of solving problems within 12 hours or less. Leave a query for longer than that and the customer may lose hope in the client’s business. When a question is asked, we answer with confidence, and we let our citizens know we’re there to support them.

Days do come when we cannot answer a question (because, hey, Batman is only human…), but we thankfully have a trusted list of client contacts for speedy responses.

Our skill is spotting the Jokers on the web, those grinning trolls out to spoil a client’s good work. We silence those villains before the client even knows about it. We even save the damsels in distress with their obscure queries.

We are the guardians of our pages, engaging with our fellow super hero Community Managers, who protect and run other relevant brands.

We are not only the Batman every client needs, we are the Batman every client deserves.

Written by Jeanne Lloyd