Attracting millennials demands innovation in the communications workplace

Misconceptions surrounding the millennial generation prove that this young, vibrant and thoughtful group of people, continue to challenge today’s thinking in the workplace. Organisations are being challenged to adopt new ways of working in order to accommodate and attract this complex group.

Born and bred in the digital revolution, these digital natives can bring significant value to the workplace. Employers are encouraged to dig deeper to find out what drives the millennials and what environment best suits them.

For communications firms attracting these young professionals means adopting new and creative ways of working and creating rewarding and dynamic work environments.

But what do millennials need anyway?

1. Frequent and consistent feedback: Annual reviews do not cut it with this generation. They need frequent and consistent feedback to better themselves. They are more engaged when they are in an environment which provides opportunities for regular meetings where feedback and progress are checked constantly.

2. Carpe Diem: Millennials have a nose for opportunity. When they see it, they ask for it. They are fearless and hungry for growth. They need constant stimuli supported by visible results.

3. Fairness in the workplace: They are willing to overlook the boundaries between work and home life as they are always connected. Email and instant messaging are at their fingertips – it’s a way of life. This is great for the bottom-line of most organisations however the millennials expect the same from their employer. These young minds, full of ideas, are willing to give a lot of flexibility as long as they get the same in return.

4. Money is not everything: Not to say that millennials do not see value in money but it is not what motivates them. What attracts them is the location of the workplace, the team culture, type of work and office vibe.

5. Mentors vs bosses: Millennials need mentors not old school authority. They require manages who they respect through intellect and achievement and not through established hierarchy.

A recent Gallup study revealed that 60% of millennials are open to a new job opportunities. This provides an opportunity for communications firms to restructure their management style in order to attract and retain this hardworking, innovative and youthful bunch. The time is now for businesses to become more flexible and adapt to change quickly.

Written By: Chipo Nhapata, Account Director, ContentWorks