Meet the Interns of 2021

Every year, despite the circumstances we prioritise our internship programme. At FleishmanHillard (FH) we know exactly what it means and the value thereof to get your foot in the door; it can be the start of a long and successful career, changing many lives along the way.

“Education is an important part of our ethos and our intern programme is a big part of that, particularly because we have such great young talent breaking into the industry right now – They are brave, bold and not afraid to think differently. At FH we embrace that kind of attitude.” – Sharon Piehl, MD FleishmanHillard South Africa.

We value growth through practical education and surround our new interns with different teams who are excited to teach the next generation of communication experts everything they know, but it goes both ways. Sharing our workspace, ideas, processes and clients with our new interns, give us the opportunity to keep our thinking fresh and optimise our flow in every possible way.

“I’ve always valued how freely and willingly FHers share knowledge and embrace learning – it’s how we, as consultants get to the ‘sweet spot’ where creativity and impact meet,” says Jessica Blythe, Social & Innovation Lead.

We asked our team of three new interns a few get-to-know-you questions and added a face to a name to introduce these bright young minds to the industry.



  • My secret superpower is my ability to connect. I’m able to make an instant connection with people and blend us together to make us one. It’s like we have known each other all our lives but it has been an hour.
  • The last thing I read is a book called Bare by author Jackie Phamotse, I’m about to finish the second book and move on to the third.
  •  My guilty pleasure is old school RNB/Soul, the music is timeless. Most of the artists have passed away or are not releasing music anymore but the songs they released before I was born, remain timeless.


  • My secret superpower is adaptability. My ability to seamlessly adapt to change has helped me to maintain a positive outlook irrespective of situations.
  • I am currently reading Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty. This book is changing my thought process and perspective on life.
  • Watching cooking or baking shows is my guilty pleasure. I am a foodie at heart and enjoy seeing the participants use their creativity to make out of the box dishes.
  • I am looking forward to growing and developing my knowledge of the industry, learning from my colleagues and contributing to projects which will create an impact on clients.


  •  My secret superpower is the ability to always learn and adapt. I am always confidently up for a challenge. I realised that when my confidence is low, I make mistakes in panicking mode. I always strive to learn to adapt.
  • The last book I read last night was the Bible. I try to read on daily basis along with other books for balance.
  • My guilty pleasure is test cricket. It is not the most exciting form of cricket or sport because it long, time-consuming and boring. Not much excitement is happening. However, it teaches me patience and endurance. It takes a great mentality to patiently wait for the bad situations and capitalize on. It is all about resilience.
  • I am looking forward to learning and growing as much as possible. I want to discover advanced writing skills and techniques and how to be professional. I am looking forward to learning about various communication skills.