FH Joburg Touches the Network

June was a busy month with some of the Joburg team heading off to London and across the Atlantic to visit some of FH offices within the network.

Vanessa Baard, director and lead of the financial services portfolio headed off to Washington to showcase the FH Africa offering to the Mid-Atlantic region.  “We understand that under the current economic climate investment into Africa may have diminished somewhat.  However, this provides a perfect opportunity to showcase our capabilities across the African continent so that when the market turns, our capabilities are well known and we can kick into operations quickly,” says Baard.

Vanessa Baard then joined Kgomotso Sikwane and Sarah Dowding in the UK for the FH London Away Day.  Following tradition, FH Johannesburg rewarded two individuals that have made a valuable contribution to the agency by sending them to the London Away Day.  The Away Day provided a great opportunity for the Johannesburg team to interact with colleagues in London.  The London Away Day was held in Winsor.  The creative juices burst into action when team activities involved recreating a short video of “The Wizard of Oz.”