WEF in Tanzania More Than a Talk Shop

The World Economic forum in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania has proven to be more of a beneficial and productive exercise than the talk shop most of us here thought it would be.

The quality of the sessions and the participants clearly showed that the organisers did their homework and are serious about helping African countries and their economies take their rightful place amongst the community of nations.

It is without doubt that Africa has for a long time played second if not third fiddle to developed nations when it comes to global trade and in entrenching its voice on issues such as climate change.

Events such as the WEF have created an opportunity for African countries, their leaders, civil servants  and the business community to put Africa’s agenda on the global stage through influencing international investors and financiers to give the continent another look.

This was clearly demonstrated when the three protagonists in the Zimbabwe narrative,  President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara shared a platform to put the case for Zimbabwe.

The united front presented by the three leaders is a symbol that Zimbabwe is on a healing path and is ripe for business. Now is the time to get into Zimbabwe.

The Tanzanian hosts put their best foot forward in organising a successful WEF. This was captured in the words of the host president when he said “This truly is Africa’s time”.

Kwaheri (Goodbye in Swahili)