FleishmanHillard Unveils Newly Refreshed Brand

FleishmanHillard Unveils Newly Refreshed Brand;
Showcases Evolution of Leading Public Relations Firm into the World’s Most Complete, Fully Integrated Communications Company

ST. LOUIS, May 1, 2013 — FleishmanHillard today unveiled a newly refreshed corporate brand and associated digital media property. The new branding reflects the evolution of the leading public relations firm into a fully integrated communications company that provides clients with the world’s most complete communications solutions. Long recognized around the world for excellence in public relations, public affairs, and digital and social media communications, FleishmanHillard has redefined the boundaries of traditional public relations by becoming channel agnostic.  Able to solve client business problems by working across paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) media channels.

“Many years ago we recognized the changing communications environment and increasingly heard client demands for integrated solutions,” said Dave Senay, FleishmanHillard president and CEO. “Mostly under the radar, we reimagined and reinvented our business. We invested in nontraditional talent and new capabilities behind four significant growth areas driving our business today: the alignment of brand and reputation; analytics and insights; social enterprise; and strategic integration across paid, earned, shared and owned media channels.”

New Brand Platform, Tagline and Logo

To reintroduce the firm, FleishmanHillard is unveiling a new brand platform, tagline and logo. “Having evolved, and with a new story to tell, we needed our brand – a brand that had not been touched since 1990 – to catch up,” said Stephanie Marchesi, FleishmanHillard chief marketing officer. Believing that brands are revealed and not invented, the firm looked closely at itself, conducting more than 100 one-on-one interviews with employees, clients and industry observers. They found that three significant factors – who the firm is at its core, how the world has changed, and new client demands – intersected at one word: True.

“True speaks to our unique ability to help clients navigate a world demanding unprecedented authenticity and transparency,” said Senay. “True also reflects our firm’s moral compass and commitment to the highest values. It defines who we are as a company, and the direction we are moving ahead.” To capture the meaning and message behind true, FleishmanHIllard is introducing the tagline, The Power of True.

The Power of True defines who FleishmanHillard is and what it believes. It also explains what the firm offers clients, including: The power of true insights; the power of true ideas; the power of true integration; the power of true client service; and the power of true outcomes.

The new logo equally reflects the firm’s transformation. “Our former logo did an excellent job of reflecting the trust and confidence clients have long placed with us,” said Marchesi. “Our new logo maintains those values, but with a fresh, innovative and more contemporary interpretation.”

The logo unites the names of both founders – Fleishman and Hillard – on one line to reflect the heritage of the firm and the originators of modern public relations. FleishmanHillard also added to its logo an iconic mark that complements the logo but also symbolizes the transformation of the firm. The vertical bars tell the story of a firm deeply rooted in the industry sectors and communications capabilities most important to clients. The horizontal bars represent FleishmanHillard’s ability to innovate, integrate and redefine the boundaries of traditional public relations.