FleishmanHillard South Africa Launches Innovative Crisis Communications Methodology for the Digital Age

Cross-Industry Experts and Cutting-Edge Digital Tools Provide Global Protection for Clients’ Reputation, Staying Ahead of Social Media 

Johannesburg, July 31, 2013 — FleishmanHillard (FH) announced today the expansion of its global crisis practice with agency-certified global experts applying a new, proprietary methodology against the most complex crises. Labeled as ARC (Assess, Resolve and Control) the methodology is unique to FleishmanHillard and will be rolled out locally.

“FleishmanHillard’s global crisis practice is driven by one simple truth: Every minute that goes by without an effective crisis response exponentially increases the risk to a client’s reputation, especially when one takes into consideration the speed of social media.  The ability of uncontrolled online conversations to shift perceptions instantly means that companies must revise existing plans and approaches to shield their reputations,” said Kevin Welman, Managing Director of FleishmanHillard South Africa.

“We have aligned the right people with the right tools and knowledge to best manage a crisis from the moment it hits.  We not only shield reputations immediately, but we can assist in recovering and repairing reputations for the long term as a result of our seasoned crisis and business expertise. Reputation recovery is a defining capability for FleishmanHillard.”

According to Welman, today’s companies face a gap between risks created by crises and the time and resources needed to resolve them, with many relying on outdated crisis plans and manuals.

“People expect companies to respond to crises at the same speed they learn about them, a speed defined by social media, smart phones and an infinite numbers of ‘reporters.’ Whether addressing data breaches, cyber attacks, product recalls or activists’ campaigns, companies that have time-tested strategic counsel and access to the best communications tools will better navigate any crisis affecting public safety and their reputation,” added Welman.

FleishmanHillard’s global network of strategic counselors is certified in the firm’s methodology and tools. Each counselor has been trained and tested on a series of best practices for crisis management, a program designed to get client companies out of a crisis quickly and into reputation recovery.

“We believe this process is one of a kind in the industry, one that not only touches global challenges but addresses the local nuance of each market that our clients do business in today,” said Welman.

The A.R.C. methodology, in the hands of FleishmanHillard’s trained experts, allows for rapid analysis to provide perspective in order to create the right level of response.



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